Living Salon Spa Boutique is the realization of the vision of Juan por Dios! to have his own salon in Puerto Vallarta, the city of his origin, pride and roots.

Juan por Dios! began his apprenticeship as a stylist in Puerto Vallarta with Javier Hugo and worked for five years in the beauty salon of the same name, as he perfected his craft.

With years of expertise in styling, he spent a year collaborating with Estética Italiana as Creative Director, where he was soon recognized for his creativity and talent. He also garnered international experience working at the renowned Langton Salon in Toronto, Canada.

In 2004, Juan por Dios! used the experience he had gained to envision his perfect salon and was lead to open Living Salon Spa Boutique in Puerto Vallarta.

The cosmopolitan vision of aesthetics by Juan por Dios! is comparable with a martini: A mixture of different elements to create stylish perfection. He has introduced that philosophy and lifestyle to create of his own artistic signature.

All these elements, together with the passion he feels for aesthetics, have led to Living Salon Spa Boutique, a place that integrates a perfect blend of timeless sophistication and the hottest trends.